Herbal and other natural approaches to Insomnia


A short online course

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.  To wake up refreshed, having been resting fully for hours, is hugely restorative for the mind and body.

It has been estimated that chronic insomnia affects over a third of the adult Western population. That’s a pretty astounding figure!  There are many ways of addressing insomnia, ranging from how you manage your day and your diet, to your evening time activities.

Herbal remedies have always been used to support the nervous system and may be indicated when stress, anxiety or depression are instrumental in interrupting sleep.  For many women, menopause is a time when sleep patterns are disturbed.

This course describes chronic sleep disturbance, its many causes, and how insomnia affects us.  Discover the most effective herbs for restoring a good sleep cycle, and the herbal combinations that can work well in dealing with menopausal symptoms, stress, anxiety or other mood disorders.



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