Today is Menopause Awareness Day. Such a significant time for women, a time of transition as we move from one stage to another. For too long problems associated with menopause were not discussed. Many women were left to deal with intense physical and emotional states on their own with no recourse to support other than within their own circle of friends and maybe family. If they were fortunate enough to have those supports. Too often even family members and partners were unaware of the extent to which hormonal changes could impact the physical and mental wellbeing of wives, mothers, daughters, sisters. But menopause is not a disease. It is a natural state, but we have become a little conditioned to view it only in negative terms. Of course, if severe hot flushes, night sweats, high levels of anxiety are your experience, then it’s hardly positive. Herbalists have supported women through this time of their lives for many decades. Herbs are not substitutes for HRT – they don’t work in the same way. With herbs, the menopausal time is supported, not suspended. The deficiency state that marks menopause is addressed with herbs that nourish and support the whole body. It allows this transition to take place and so we move through this phase as Nature intended. A skilled herbalist can be your greatest ally during this time.

Over the coming days, I will take a look at some of the key herbs that are helpful in Menopause.