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Heart health and circulatory problems

Caring for your heart and circulatory system is something many of us consciously do when we make decisions about what we eat. We know we need the right balance of healthy fats and foods high in natural fibre and protein.

We also have to get our hearts pumping faster than the normal resting rate to keep the muscle healthy and protect vascular health, and engaging in some form of physical activity every day is key to this. Maintaining a blood pressure within the normal range is also important and reduces our risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

But there is much more to caring for our heart than diet and activity. Our level of contentment, the supports we have in our lives, our own outlook on life, having a sense of ‘agency’ or autonomy,  are key in determining the level of stress we may experience on a regular basis.  Having high levels of demands placed on us for long periods, or feeling anxious a lot of the time impact negatively on our health.  It can lead to raised blood pressure, raised cholesterol and lowered immunity. 

Herbs such as Hawthorn, Hibiscus and Lime blossom protect our vascular health by increasing the elasticity of the vessels and helping to lower blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

 Contact Helen if you would like more advice on heart health.


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