Respiratory conditions

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Respiratory conditions

Most of us will have had our share of coughs and colds and some of us will have had bouts of flu, sinus problems or bronchitis over the years. We can recover from these mostly viral illness as they tend to be self-limiting but are often left with residual problems such as chronic catarrh or sinusitis, a tendency to get recurring sore throats and tiredness.
Most of the antibiotics prescribed for respiratory ailments are unnecessary, and are in fact contributing to the massive problem of antibiotic resistance. This is leading to very serious infections, as many antibiotics are no longer effective against new, resistant strains of bacteria. In addition repeated antibiotic use may cause many problems for the gut, resulting in a deficit of the good bacteria we need for a healthy gut ecology. Dysbiosis is one of the primary causes of other inflammatory conditions such as eczema.
Seasonal hay fever is another problem which affects many people. The traditional ‘hayfever season’ has morphed into an extended period of misery for many. This may be associated with the increased level of pollutants in the atmosphere, coupled with the very toxic agricultural sprays now licensed for use.
More serious respiratory and allergy conditions such as asthma are also on the rise and it is concerning to see so many people taking steroids for prolonged periods from a young age
Herbal remedies have a proud tradition in the treatment of colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma, and sinus disorders. The right herbal prescription can result in a complete resolution of both acute and chronic respiratory complaints.
Our rich materia medica includes Plantain, Mullein, Elecampane, Thyme, Grindelia, Morus and many others which can address many of the above conditions.

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