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Calming Tea

Specially blended herbal tea.

Rose Body Butter 100g

These rich butters are best used straight after your shower. While very rich, they absorb deep into the skin and leave it moisturised for the whole day.


Consultations are available in person or online.


About Helen

I have been studying and practicing herbal medicine for more than 30 years.  I first enrolled for the four-year Dip. Course with the College of Herbal Medicine (Sussex) in 1989. This course offered students a high level of training, both theoretical and clinical, and was accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the oldest representative body of herbalists worldwide.

My herbal practice

Upon graduating, I started my herbal practice in 1994 and have been practising since that time.  I see people by appointment either in-person or for an online consultation. It is always a privilege to get started with a client and begin this process together, working with herbs and using my expertise to resolve health issues. Treating a wide range of illness with healing plants is for me a form of lifelong learning as people manifest symptoms in different ways. This is why the professional experience and knowledge of the trained practitioner is necessary to tailor herbal prescriptions that address an individual’s condition. Getting feedback from the people I treat and seeing how their condition changes as they gradually heal is a key aspect of any healing treatment. 

Additional qualifications

In 2000 I completed a BSc. in Health and Wellbeing with the Open University, and in 2004 I completed the MSc. in Primary Health Care, (RCSI, Dublin).   I was appointed as an herbal advisor to the Irish Medicines Board sub-Committee on Herbal Medicine over a period of 10 years spanning 2001 – 2011.

I have also worked in Health Promotion (HSE) for a number of years. Much of this work has focussed on Mental Health promotion and the management of stress and anxiety. I am an accredited trainer in Mental Health Promotion and design programmes for working with individuals or small groups.

Because of my own interest in the practice of Yoga, I was drawn to the excellent Yoga Mental Health and Wellness programme. This training has increased my interest in how yoga, breath work and mindfulness can positively impact our mental wellbeing.

The Beautiful Burren, Co. Clare

I spend a considerable amount of time in the Burren, in Co. Clare which boasts such a variety of herbs amongst its fabulous flora. 

I love to grow as many of my own herbs as I can and put in many contented hours harvesting and making my own herbal medicines, infused oils, body and face lotions and healing balms.

Online courses

A range of online courses will be available during 2022.  A course on the Immune System is now available.  This course explores the link between Gut Health, the Lymphatic system and Stress and how the interplay between these and the immune system.   

Helen looks at Insomnia and discusses many of the root causes leading to poor sleep patterns.  She gives specialist advice on herbs and foods to help with sleep problems. This course is scheduled for release in Spring 2022.

Treatment of Menopausal problems using herbal medicine will be available in May 2022. 

All courses are available for purchase and contain information on addressing the many symptoms associated with these common conditions.

Workshops and plant identification walks

Group activities such as herbal workshops and walks are available on some dates throughout the year.

Your winter medicine chest

This course  starts on the 19th November 2022.  It will comprise a series of workshops which can be attented either in-person or virtually.


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Hope you come and join me sometime for some herbal adventures.

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