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Specially blended herbal tea.

Rose Body Butter 100g

These rich butters are best used straight after your shower. While very rich, they absorb deep into the skin and leave it moisturised for the whole day.


Consultations are available in person or online.

Welcome to Home Of Herbs

Home of Herbs is the website of Dublin based Herbalist Helen McCormack. Helen has been practising herbal medicine at her Marino clinic for almost 30 years. Appointments can be made to have either a face-to-face or online consultation with Helen.

Helen can treat a range of ailments ranging from acute infections to more chronic conditions.
With a strong background in Mental Health Promotion, Helen is experienced in working with individuals and groups in order to improve their wellbeing and can offer specially tailored programmes to suit need.

In addition to growing many of her herbs, Helen likes to spend time making remedies from these raw materials. She offers a range of infused oils, body products and luxury face creams in addition to a range of specially blended teas and healing creams for purchase through the online Shop.
A consultation can be arranged by appointment Tel: 087 2455519 or email: [email protected]
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I have been attending Helen McCormack's practice for a number of years for a range of conditions and ailments. Over the years, Helen's herbal treatment has alleviated symptoms and treated the condition in a comprehensive but gentle way. During her consultations, she listens intently and works diligently to try get to the cause of the ailment and is then enabled to treat it. Helen's professionalism and work ethic are exemplary. I am glad to have discovered her! I could not recommend her highly enough.

Siobhán, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath.

I have had chronic bronchitis for years and got multiple chest infections each year, requiring antibiotics, often one after the other. This reduced when I started taking herbs and I haven’t had a single episode in over 12 months. I have never felt as good as I do now, and I would never be without my herbal medicine at the moment.

Shay, Dublin 6W

I attended herbalist Helen McCormack almost 20 years ago and again last year. I have had treatment for trauma, grief, stress, sleeplessness, and most recently for menopausal symptoms with painful inflammation of my joints. I suppose it speaks volumes in and of itself that I have returned to seek Helen's advice after all this time. Helen is a font of knowledge and experience I know that I am in safe, effective hands. I know I can discuss my progress with Helen as I go along and get a well considered, knowledgeable opinion. This has been so helpful to my progress, and I have had excellent results. I am sleeping very well now and the inflammation and menopausal symptoms are showing great improvements. When you attend Helen you get earnest empathic professionalism grounded in a unending knowledge and experience.

Mary O Neill, Dublin 

Commonly Treated Conditions

Most of us could do better when it comes to our eating habits, having sedentary lives, or coping with stress. Getting good advice and support in these matters can put you on the right track to making the necessary changes for your health.

Sometimes it’s also important to review how you spend your time and devise practical and manageable activities for you to build into your week. As a medical herbalist, I treat a wide variety of ailments and conditions at Home of Herbs.

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