Treating Covid Naturally

Well it’s still making the news as high rates of the virus continue to apread.  Luckily, most people are getting over it without serious illness.  However, I have seen a number of people recently who are experiencing unpleasant symptoms to a greater or lesser degree.  A troublesome cough that lasts for months, sticky phlegm, fatigue,  circulatory problems, especially to peripheral areas like fingers and toes. So the picture of what effects Covid is having on the immune system is a complex one and not yet fully understood.

Long Covid

Long covid continues to cause major problems for some people with long-term fatigue affecting people’s ability to do their work or take part in sport or any physical activity.  No two people are the same,  but the impact for many has been to drastically reduce energy levels, and for some, the condition has developed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am always glad when people get in touch at the earlies stage as I find I can use just a small range of herbs in a formula to be of particular benefit in hastening the recovery period, reduce symptoms and hopefully lessen the risk of developing Long Covid.

How I treat Covid

In the early stages of a case, I have been using herbs like Honeysuckle, Scuttelaria, Astragalus and Forsythia. These herbs have a gentle cooling action, are decongesting and in TCM terms, ‘clear toxic heat’. I use when people have a sore throat, often with a raised temperature which accompanies other cold type symptoms.  Of course I mix and match for each individual, as symptoms vary, so no formula is always the same. However it has been heartening to get such positive feedback a few days into the regime.  Rest is of course vital during a spell of being unwell.  When our immune system is challenged, we have to reduce any additional potential stressors that can create a further burden.  Having to cancel arrangements is never welcome, but better to view this period as a chance to recuperate.  Drink plenty of fluids, including herbal teas, eat lightly, and just rest. The main concern is the long-term impact on health and wellbeing.  I hope that you can mitigate against this as much as possible by using herbal medicine to suipport and boost your immunity.

Here’s a few tips to help in your recovery:

Take medicinal mushrooms – I particularly recommend Reishi for this type of condition.

Take Ginger and Garlic often – grated into anything you have on the go, i.e. soups, light broths.  Raw garlic will help greatly with chest infections.  You really want to avoid a lower respiratory infection or pneumonia complicating your recovery.

Make a good nourishing soup with chicken or beef broth.  If you prefer a veggie option, use lots of fresh herbs like parsley and thyme, coriander and black cumin.

Keep the gut in good condition – probiotic foods are important here.  Medicinal mushrooms, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi to name a few, all contribute to a healthy microbiome.

For further advice you are welcome to contact me

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